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24/7 Sobriety Systems, LLC, has developed a flexible web based data management program (IntoxiTrack) to help facilitate your 24/7 sobriety program. 24/7 Sobriety System’s’ expertise in deploying 24/7 programs is second to none. We are interested in sharing our knowledge with users of our software and, we would like to assist you in developing and deploying your 24/7 sobriety program.

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Testing Equipment

IntoxiTrack is designed to support, breath test instruments, transdermal alcohol test bracelets, and drug test devices (urine analysis, saliva anlaysis and sweat patches)

If you are in the market for breath test instrumentation, you should consider one of the leading Intoximeters line of breath alcohol testing instruments. You can learn more by visiting the Intoximeters, Inc. website.


As jurisdictions have become interested in replicating the early South Dakota’s 24/7 sobriety program, a need for a comprehensive web based client and data management system was created. Intoxitrack was developed to address these needs. The 24/7 Sobriety Systems’ IntoxiTrack program is modular in its design so that it is adaptable and capable of addressing multiple agency and jurisdictional needs. It creates a single venue for all involved to:

  • communicate a participant’s program requirements,
  • schedule the participant’s testing regimen,
  • determine compliance with the program requirements (testing and payment);
  • design ability to allow a multitude of interested parties to touch the system and use it to manage programs and participants
  • provide information to interested parties as to the participant’s status; and
  • designer reports with full automation

The software was developed as a reporting system that was designed to provide choice for its users. It will work in tandem with most commonly-available testing instruments and kits and accommodates the full variety of the different testing modules that a 24/7 sobriety management program might use. The system provides for:

  • Assignment of differentiated roles to authorized users that determine access to data and other software capabilities (reporting, notification, etc.)
  • Immediate notification to appropriate stakeholders of critical events, along with end-of-day exception reports
  • Access to accounts and data, for authorized users, from anywhere that internet connectivity is available
  • Secure data transmission using https encryption technology
  • Forensic review of all events logged into the system

IntoxiTrack applications are hosted on a secure server. All data collected are encrypted using 128 bit SSL. Users must be authenticated with a valid user ID and password in order to access the application.

Data collected through IntoxiTrack is stored on hosted Fedramp compliant servers. Data on our servers are backed up on a daily basis. As is required for all software used by U.S. government agencies, the IntoxiTrack application is NIEM compliant.

IntoxiTrack System Requirements

IntoxiTrack operates best when accessed through the following Browsers:

  • Google Chrome versions 25 and higher.
  • Firefox version 15 and higher or
  • Windows Internet Explorer versions 9 and higher. Find out more about IntoxiTrack by:
    • Calling 24/7 Sobriety Systems at 1-800-451-8639 to request information on the 24/7 sobriety program; or
    • Filling out the web contact form to request information.
    • View anĀ IntoxiTrack brochure
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